MIG ProTech assess the technical, economic and environmental conditions for the development of the agropellets market in Thailand

In partnership with a consortium of companies (including Mini Green Power – MGP, Agroshare and RAGT) the MIG ProTech has studied the feasibility of developing an agropellet industry in Thailand’s Phetchabun province. Agropellets are fuels containing residues of plants from their harvest, such as rice, which are intended for the supply of collective boilers and in the same way reduce the waste of plant biomass. The students of MIG ProTech conducted a market study and a techno-economic feasibility study that enabled them to propose a business model to the consortium. The approach took into account local conditions such as the state of energy needs, competition with other energy systems, regulation, possible financial aid, the design of the technical system, waste and residues generated by the processes used etc. All of these results helped the consortium to establish a risk analysis and local stakeholders to deploy this project and the technologies involved.

Coordinator : E. Garbolino – CRC MINES ParisTech/PSL.

Picture : Presentation of the first results by the students of the MIG ProTech at Mini Green Power.