Professionalization in Safety

Wim Van Wassenhove and Christian Foussard presented, during the 30th ESREL conference held from November 1 to 5, 2020, an article on the professionalization of security and the fundamental knowledge necessary for future security professionals.

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Title : Professionalization in Safety: A Study of the Fundamental Knowledge of Future Safety Professional.

Abstract : This contribution to the ESREL conference will present an expérimentation about testing fundamental knowledge of future safety professionals. The post master Management of Industrial Risks has graduated more than 250 students since 2004. The program addresses Occupational Health and Safety and Industrial Safety topics. Most of the students find a job related to one of those two domains. The program recruits among a large panel of Master Programs, going from Safety, Health, Quality, and Environment. Students then follow a 500 hours program and they do a 1000 hours internship. The question we arise is “What is the fundamental knowledge a safety professional needs to master?” And how can we assure that a student graduated from the program masters this knowledge ?