Présentation du projet « Toward a Mesological Design » à Kyoto

Le 9 juin 2017, Yoann Moreau a été sélectionné sur dossier par le jury du Research Institute for Humanity and Nature [RIHN, Kyoto Japon) pour présenter son projet intitulé « Toward a Mesological Design », dont voici un cours résumé de la problématique (en anglais) :

My project is about the contribution of mesology (fudosei-ron) to the study of human-earth relation. Thanks to the work of Professor Augustin Berque and the earlier, founding work of Watsuji, Imanishi, Von Uexküll, Leroi-Gourhan (to mention only the main contributions), the conceptual and historical foundations of mesology are now well-established. The theoretical framework of mesology is robust and a history of its concepts is in place, and quite productive.
However, we must be able not only to think of human milieux, but also know how to observe them in the field. At the practical level, one thing remains lacking in mesology: the development of a method of inquiry. The constitution of a fieldwork method that is specific to mesology remains to be put in place. What could constitute a « mesography »? How can a milieu be studied? How should observations be made in the field from a mesological perspective?