• October 1, 2020, start of the Master in Industrial Risk Management (MRI) at MINES ParisTech! Welcome to our 16 students from the 16th class of MRI! In the morning program, an in-depth course on knowledge [...]


  • November 26 and 27th: testimonials and sharing of experience and expertise from companies in Industry 4.0. As part of a workshop devoted to Safety 4.0, two companies very involved in developments and uses and two [...]


  • Humboldt Prize 2020

    2 November 2020
    Enrico Zio, professor at the CRC of MINES ParisTech and at the POLIMI in Milano, was named in June 2020, winner of the Humboldt Prize in the Sciences for Engineering section. This prestigious award recognizes [...]


  • Wim Van Wassenhove and Christian Foussard presented, during the 30th ESREL conference held from November 1 to 5, 2020, an article on the professionalization of security and the fundamental knowledge necessary for future security professionals. [...]