• The INCA project

    10 October 2017
    A decision support framework for ImproviNg Cross-border Area (INCA) resilience to disasters. The aim of the project is to contribute to the understanding and to the enhancing of cross-border area resilience with regard to the [...]



  • The CRC is the co-inventor of the software platform for global risk management known as Preventeo. This platform is operated, developed and available as a product from Preventeo. The CRC and Preventeo have signed a [...]


  • CRC will participate in the annual Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) conference in Arlington, December 10-14. This international conference brings together academic, industrial research and risk control practitioners to re-examine the methods and epistemic foundations [...]


  • CRC contribution to the book Risk in extreme  environments (edited  by Prof. Vicki Bier, 2018). Chapter 4: « Decision Making on Trial: The Extreme Situation at Fukushima Daiichi » by Sébastien Travadel, Christophe Martin and [...]