Fukushima: adapting to the unpredictable

On November 24, 2021, Aurélien Portelli from Mines Paris participated as a discussant in the conference “After the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident: adapting to the unpredictable”, organized by IRSN in Montrouge for the 10th commemoration of the nuclear accident in Japan on March 11, 2011. The discussions that followed the conference entitled “Engagement in a hostile environment”, presented by Elsa Gisquet and Olivier Isnard, focused on the collective dimension of crisis management linked to the question of ethics. Aurélien Portelli presented the research realized with his colleagues Franck Guarnieri, Sébastien Travadel and Didier Delaitre of the CRC, to analyze the extreme situation of Fukushima and its logics. He mentioned the collective work of translation, publication and analysis of the testimony of Masao Yoshida, the director of Fukushima, and the research results of former CRC doctoral students, Aissame Afrouss, Yuki Kobayashi and Mathieu Gaulène. Aurélien Portelli thanked François Jeffroy, head of the Human and Social Sciences research laboratory at IRSN, as well as Elsa Gisquet and Olivier Isnard, for inviting him and allowing him to take part in the very rich discussions with the conference speakers and the audience.