Enrico Zio, PHM Fellow!

August 2021: Professor Enrico Zio has been elected to join the PHM Society Fellow Class of 2021. Recognition as a PHM Fellow is for accomplished individuals such as himself who have made significant contributions to the PHM community for over 15 years. Impact of innovation, creativity and leadership have been demonstrated, across domains and/or industrial sectors.

The Prognostics and Health Management Society is dedicated to:

  • promoting the development, growth, and recognition of prognostics and health management (PHM) as an engineering discipline;
  • supporting PHM education by developing standard teaching curricula in the field;
  • participating in and facilitating international scientific collaboration in connection with the advancement or application of PHM;
  • advancing the theory and practice of PHM;
  • establishing, presenting, managing, or organizing PHM conferences, workshops, seminars, and courses;
  • publishing peer-reviewed publications concerning or related to PHM and its applications; and
  • establishing, developing, or adopting standards, methods, and metrics in PHM.

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