Two CRC Ph.D.’s in the most productive top 10 authors in their scientific field

An article published in January 2023 in the scientific journal Ocean Engineering, Elsevier Edition, ranks Clément Iphar (left) and Arnaud Vandecasteele (right) respectively 1st and 8th in the top 10 most productive authors of papers in data-driven methods for detection of abnormal ship behavior. This article also ranks Clément Iphar in the top 10 most cited authors in the field.

According to this article, as a result of  the contributions of Clément Iphar and Arnaud Vandecasteele, as well as other CRC researchers, Université PSL ranks in the top 10 most invested institutions in this field in terms of publications, citations and recent research.

Clément Iphar, under the supervision of Aldo Napoli (CRC) and Cyril Ray (French Naval Academy), defended his PhD thesis in 2017. Arnaud Vandecasteele, under the supervision of Aldo Napoli (CRC), defended his PhD thesis in 2012. Today, Clément Iphar is a post-doctoral fellow at the Université de Bretagne Occidentale and Arnaud Vandecasteele is co-manager of the company GeoLab that he founded.

Congratulations to our two doctors!

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