Enrico Zio at RAMS in Orlando, Florida

29 January 2019

2019, January 29, Enrico Zio gave a tutorial at the Reliability and Maintainability Symposium (RAMS) 2019, in Orlando, Florida. The title was: Data Mining and Machine Learning Techniques for Fault Detection and Diagnosis and Failure […]


Rural Exodus as a Long Term and Global Disastering Phenomenon

14 December 2018

December 8, Yoann Moreau held a conference entitled “Rural Exodus as a Long Term and Global Disastering Phenomenon. A mesological perspective on Kaso (過疎 “depopulation”) at Nanzan University, Nagoya (Japan). It was given in the international […]


Enrico Zio at the Kyungyu Hee University

15 November 2018

2018, November 15, Enrico Zio was invited for a seminar at Kyungyu Hee University (Korea) with the title: The future of risk assessment. In this seminar, we look into the future of risk assessment, claiming […]


Enrico Zio gave an Annual Distinguished Lecture at KAIST

13 November 2018

2018 November 13, Enrico Zio gave an Annual Distinguished Lecture at the Korean Atomic Institute of Science and Technology (KAST) with the title: Machine Learning for “smart” safety of nuclear systems. As the digital, physical […]


Professor Razvan Rughinis at MINES ParisTech

11 October 2018

Professor Razvan Rughinis, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science at Politehnica University (Bucharest), visited the researchers of MINES ParisTech at Sophia Antipolis this September. The opportunity for us to present the MINDS initiative, […]


Elite squad from Politehnica University in Bucharest

20 September 2018

For three months during this summer, the CRC hosted five trainees in Computer Science from Politehnica University in Bucharest (Romania). The opportunity for them to discover an interdisciplinary environment and original issues in the fields […]


Professor Farhat from Stanford at CRC

29 August 2018

From the 20th to the 22nd of August, at the initiative of our colleague Elie Hachem of the CEMEF of MINES ParisTech, we exchanged with Professor Charbel Farhat, Head of the Department of Aeronautics and […]