CRC scientific self-assessment with the support of Hcéres

October 17 and 18, a scientific committee from Hcéres supported the CRC in its self-assessment. This had already been in 2017 and 2014. A report, previously submitted to the committee, and presentations/questions/answers made it possible to take stock of the last 5 years (2017-2023) and to discuss the 5-year trajectory of the CRC. Two stimulating and mutually enriching days. Thank you to the members of the committee: Dr. Nadine Mandran (LGI, CNRS, Grenoble), Prof. Jack Legrand (University of Nantes), Prof. Didier Van Caillie (University of Liège) and Prof. Jean Philippe Brilhac (University of Haute Alsace). Thanks to Prof. Francine Fayolle from Hcéres who very effectively supported us in this self-assessment. Thanks to the Mines Paris PSL research department for their support.