Automatic Detection of Marine Litter

12 June 2023

Manon Nagy, Luca Istrate, Matei Simtinică, Sébastien Travadel etPhilippe Blanc publish a paper in the international journal “RemoteSensing” : “Automatic Detection of Marine Litter: A General Framework to LeverageSynthetic Data”.Abstract: The spatial and temporal coverage […]


Performance of safety barriers facing NATECH accidents

31 May 2023

Enrico Zio co-publishes an article in the journal “Process Safety and Environmental Protection”. Hazardous Natural events can cascade into Technological accidental scenarios (so called NaTech accidents). The occurrence of these accidents can degrade the performance […]


Prognostics and Health Management

26 October 2021

Professor Enrico Zio publishes a paper in the journal: Reliability Engineering & System Safety. The title is : Prognostics and Health Management (PHM): where are we and where do we (need to) go in theory […]


Good and bad reasons: The Swiss cheese model and its critics

5 March 2020

Justin Larouzée publishes an article entitled “Good and bad reasons: the Swiss cheese model and its critics”, co-authored by Jean-Christophe Le Coze (INERIS). Free access on Safety Science’s website. This article provides a historical and […]


Safety Dynamics

3 December 2018

The book « Safety Dynamics. Evaluating Risk in Complex Industrialiser Systems » is edited by Franck Guarnieri and Emmanuel Garbolino. The book provides an overview of innovative methodology to study risk in industrial context based on system […]


New Book: Risk in extreme environments

14 October 2017

CRC contribution to the book Risk in extreme  environments (edited  by Prof. Vicki Bier, 2018). Chapter 4: « Decision Making on Trial: The Extreme Situation at Fukushima Daiichi » by Sébastien Travadel, Christophe Martin and […]


Our last paper into Risk Analysis :

10 October 2017

“Industrial Safety and Utopia: Insights from the Fukushima Daiichi Accident”. Written by: Sébastien Travadel, Franck Guarnieri and Aurélien Portelli. Abstract: Feedback from industrial accidents is provided by various state or even international, institutions, and lessons […]