Towards 3D Digital Twins

CRC is involved in the design of digital 3D twins. A digital twin is the digital replica of an object, a process, a system. It can be represented in 3 dimensions: point, plane, volume.

As part of our research projects we have chosen 3D. In addition to visualization and the possibility of moving there virtually, we integrate in our twins digital physical models of phenomena: resistance, shock, speed, displacement, leak, gas plume …

These twins are used at the same time in the CRC R&D projects, for example the TADI project (TOTAL Anomaly Detection Initiative) in which we model at the same time an industrial installation, sensors and vectors (drones and robots), and our lessons, the course in the first year of the civil engineering cycle of MINES ParisTech “Forensic Engineering” on the contribution of machine learning to predictive maintenance.