Automatic Detection of Marine Litter

12 June 2023

Manon Nagy, Luca Istrate, Matei Simtinică, Sébastien Travadel etPhilippe Blanc publish a paper in the international journal “RemoteSensing” : “Automatic Detection of Marine Litter: A General Framework to LeverageSynthetic Data”.Abstract: The spatial and temporal coverage […]


The CRC at the Politehnica University of Bucarest

17 June 2019

From May 26 to 28, 2019, researchers from CRC and OIE traveled to Bucharest (Romania) to meet with researchers from the Faculty of Computer Science at Politehnica University (UPB). Exchanges of views about data sciences […]


Professor Razvan Rughinis at MINES ParisTech

11 October 2018

Professor Razvan Rughinis, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science at Politehnica University (Bucharest), visited the researchers of MINES ParisTech at Sophia Antipolis this September. The opportunity for us to present the MINDS initiative, […]


Visiting Berkeley

30 March 2018

From 4 to 14 March, Franck Guarnieri and Sébastien Travadel stayed at the University of Berkeley, the opportunity to continue a collaboration initiated since 2012 with the Lawrence Berkeley Lab in the aftermath of the […]