A partnership with a leading-edge technology SME

The CRC is the co-inventor of the software platform for global risk management known as Preventeo. This platform is operated, developed and available as a product from Preventeo. The CRC and Preventeo have signed a contract for joint collaboration, which addresses questions of intellectual property and royalties (each year the CRC receives, in the form of a royalty a percentage of Preventeo’s revenue). All of the platforms modules are registered with the French Software Protection Association (Association pour la Protection des Programmes). Each year, CRC co-organises, with Preventeo, the Preventeo user’s club. Held over a period of two days, the club brings together the platform’s users. It is an opportunity to catch up with news, identify operational needs in the domain of risk management, and think about the future development of the software platform over the next 2-3 years.