Enrico Zio at the Kyungyu Hee University


2018, November 15, Enrico Zio was invited for a seminar at Kyungyu Hee University (Korea) with the title: The future of risk assessment.

In this seminar, we look into the future of risk assessment, claiming that it must evolve for addressing the existing and future challenges, and considering the new systems and innovations that have already arrived in our lives and that are coming ahead. Indeed, the rapid changes and innovations that the World that we live in is experiencing pose new challenges to the field of risk assessment. Digitalization brings opportunities but with it comes also the complexity of cyber-phyiscal systems. Climate change and extreme natural events are increasingly threatening our infrastructures; terrorist and malevolent threats are posing severe concerns for the security of our systems and lives. These sources of hazard are extremely uncertain and, thus, difficult to describe and model quantitatively.

In the seminar, we present some research and development directions that are emerging, particularly thanks to the ever increasing computational capabilities and data availability. These include the use of simulation for accident scenario identification and exploration, the extension of risk assessment into the framework of resilience and business continuity, the reliance on data for dynamic and condition monitoring-based risk assessment, the safety and security assessment of cyber-physical systems.