Rural Exodus as a Long Term and Global Disastering Phenomenon

December 8, Yoann Moreau held a conference entitled “Rural Exodus as a Long Term and Global Disastering Phenomenon. A mesological perspective on Kaso (過疎 “depopulation”) at Nanzan University, Nagoya (Japan). It was given in the international meeting Displacements and Potentials organized by the Anthropology of Japan in Japan (AJJ) and Asian Ethnology Journal.
Abstract : a mesological perspective on Kaso (過疎 “depopulation”) consist in considering rural exodus as part of a global process that disrupt many of the constitutive equilibriums of human-human, human-nature and nature-nature relations. To put it in simple words, Kaso is a global and long term phenomenon that deeply endangered the milieu (Berque 2000). It means that the semiotic structure of human and nature as a living whole is actually collapsing. Through two case studies, in Yagisawa (Izu-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan) and Salvação (Amazonia, est. Pará, Brazil), I attempt to provide a new perspective on rural exodus as a long term and global disastering phenomenon.