CRC scientific self-assessment with the support of Hcéres

26 October 2023

October 17 and 18, a scientific committee from Hcéres supported the CRC in its self-assessment. This had already been in 2017 and 2014. A report, previously submitted to the committee, and presentations/questions/answers made it possible […]


In the Top 2% of scientific authors

26 October 2023

Stanford University recently published the list of the 2% of scientists most cited in publications. Among them, our colleague Enrico Zio. Stanford University annually establishes the ranking of the most influential researchers in the world […]


Winners of the Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge 2023

8 September 2023

Organized every year, the MOPC has two categories: Startups and Universities/Engineering schools. Led by Marguerite de Jean de la Batie, second year student of the civil engineering cycle, a team composed of Josefine Skaseth and […]


Automatic Detection of Marine Litter

12 June 2023

Manon Nagy, Luca Istrate, Matei Simtinică, Sébastien Travadel etPhilippe Blanc publish a paper in the international journal “RemoteSensing” : “Automatic Detection of Marine Litter: A General Framework to LeverageSynthetic Data”.Abstract: The spatial and temporal coverage […]


Performance of safety barriers facing NATECH accidents

31 May 2023

Enrico Zio co-publishes an article in the journal “Process Safety and Environmental Protection”. Hazardous Natural events can cascade into Technological accidental scenarios (so called NaTech accidents). The occurrence of these accidents can degrade the performance […]


Underwater, engineering project

29 April 2023

For 3 months (February-April 2023), 21 second-year civil engineering students designed and developed two underwater robots intended to take underwater shots at a depth of 300 meters. The project was carried out in partnership with […]


Post-doctoral stay of Clément Iphar at CRC

31 March 2023

Clément Iphar, who obtained his PhD at CRC in 2017, is currently in post-doctoral stay at CRC from February 6th to April 7th, 2023. As part of a Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellowship, Clément Iphar is undertaking […]