Towards 3D Digital Twins

19 December 2019

CRC is involved in the design of digital 3D twins. A digital twin is the digital replica of an object, a process, a system. It can be represented in 3 dimensions: point, plane, volume. As […]


Boom Day Vinci / Preventeo

30 September 2019

27/9, at MINES ParisTech, the HSE managers of the Vinci group, on the initiative of Thierry Ghesquière and Romuald Peton, gathered in the framework of a day of sharing and foresight on the uses of […]


TADI in progress

24 September 2019

CRC is pleased to present in 3 minutes and 30 seconds the latest progress of the TADI project (Total Anomaly Detection Initiative). This project is coordinated by the R & D group Total. It is […]


Beihang University at CRC

20 September 2019

September 19th. A delegation from the Chinese University of Beihang led by Prof. Shaoping Wang from the Engineering Department visited us today. This prestigious university is among the best in the fields of aeronautics and […]


A course on Forensic Engineering

14 September 2019

On September 6th 2019, Sébastien Travadel and Enrico Zio of the CRC presented a new course to the students of the first year of the “civil engineer” cycle at MINES ParisTech. Forensic Engineering studies the […]


Industry X.0 and security

14 September 2019

On 4/9, Total’s R & D team in charge of the TADI project (Total Anomaly Detection Initiative) participated in a day of exchange with engineering students and young researchers from CRC MINES ParisTech and the […]


Collaboration with UPB is taking off!

30 August 2019

Throughout the summer, Bachelor, Master and doctoral students in computer science from the Politehnica University of Bucharest (UPB) contributed to the work in the data sciences of CRC and OIE (Observation, Impacts, Energy lab of […]