On the way to the Safety of the future!

November 26 and 27th: testimonials and sharing of experience and expertise from companies in Industry 4.0. As part of a workshop devoted to Safety 4.0, two companies very involved in developments and uses and two companies providing digital solutions presented and discussed with our students of the Post Graduate Master “Industrial risk Management”. Jean Marie Hamy from Framatome presented the “School of Design” and projects of digital twins, augmented reality, additive manufacturing … With the GE Digital Foundry’s, Hervé Sabot and Afo Adeye detailed the solutions in the field of predictive maintenance using, among other things, the coupling between digital twins and AI solutions. On the software platform side, Olivier Bernard of the US company VantiQ introduced the concept of real-time computing and illustrated his point with numerous achievements in the fields of transport, industrial safety and prevention of natural risks. Finally, Céline Biscio and Olivier Philippe from Preventeo presented the methodologies and technologies that make it possible to address normative data (laws, standards, state decrees, technical documentation, etc.). They also demonstrated their 360° risk and performance management solution. The testimonials were the opportunity for fruitful exchanges between companies and our students. Subsequently, divided into groups of 4 students, summaries were designed and written with emphasis on an editorial point of view:

 – The human in the factory of the future

– The control of the risks induced by the digital transformation of companies

– The HSE engineer of the future

– Contributions and impacts of the outsourcing of services and data.

Two dense days that will have allowed our students, not to doubt it, to project themselves into the horizon 5, 10 years or even more!